Dealing with real world complexities


Past Conferences at Oxford

18th International Conference 2014

Practice of Systems Ideas in a Knowledge Society

Centre for Systems Studies, Business School, University of Hull

Keynotes by Professor Simon Bell, Open University, Gerald Midgley, University of Hull and Patrick Hoverstadt, SCiO

17th Annual Conference Sept 2013 

Systems and Society: ideas from practice

Oxford University 9th - 11th September 2013

Keynote speakers were:

Professor Ranulph Glanville, President of the American Society for Cybernetics.

Professor Raul Espejo, Directtor--General of the World Organization off Systems and Cybernetics

Clive Hutchinson, Company leader at Gougar Automation

16th Annual Conference Aug 2012 

Global Crises: Exploring the Systems Perspectives

At Oxford University on the 30th - 31st Aug, 2012

Keynote speakers were : 

Professor Edward Borodzicz, Strategy and Business Systems, University of Portsmouth.

Professor Gerald Midgley, Centre for Systems Studies at the University of Hull. 

Plus a workshop with Tony Hodgson.

Conference 2011 

The Future of Systems Learning

At Oxford University on the 1st - 2nd September 2011

Keynote contributors were:

Professor John Naughton, Dr Martin Reynolds

Conference 2010

Perception of Systems: The Nature of Management, Communication and Creativity

At Oxford University on the 31st Aug - 2nd September 2010

Keynote contributors were:

  • Professor Peter Checkland
  • Prof. Linda Macauley, Manchester Business School
  • Prof. Michael C. Jackson, Hull Business School
  • John Seddon, Vanguard
  • Dr Joanne Tippett, University of Manchester

Conference 2009

Systems Research: Lessons from the Past - Progress for the Future

At Oxford University on the 1st - 2nd September 2009

Keynote speaker: Professor Peter Checkland

Conference 2008

Building Resilience: Responding to a Turbulent World

At Oxford University on the 1st -3rd September 2008

Keynote speakers were:

Professor Ralph Stacey, Professor of Management at the Business School, University of Hertfordshire.
Dr. Tony Kendle, Foundation Director at the Eden Project.
Mark Lynas
Sarb Sembhi, Director of Metis-For.
Professor Bernard Lietaer

Conference 2007

Joined up thinking for a joined up world.

Oxford University on the 3rd - 5th September 2007

Our keynote speakers were:

Geoff Mulgan, Director of the Young Foundation
Prof. Raul Espejo, Syncho Ltd.
Prof. Kees van der Heijden, Emeritus Prof. of General and Strategic Management at Strathclyde University, Glasgow
& Associate Fellow at Templeton College, Oxford
Prof. Peter Checkland, Lancaster University Management School
Christopher Tchen, Partner at Carbon Limiting Technologies
Dr. Joanne Tippett, School of Environment and Development, The University of Manchester

Conference 2006

Effective Change - The Contributions of Systems Thinking and Practice.

Oxford University on the 11-13th September 2006

Our keynote speakers were:

  • Ian Mitroff - Gold Medal Award 2006
  • Ranulph Glanville
  • John Ward
  • Peter Checkland 

Conference 2005

Managing Complexity - The Contributions of Systems Thinking and Practice

At Oxford University on the 5-7th September 2005.

Our keynote speaker was Fritjof Capra, author of "Hidden Connections" and "The Web of Life".

Public discussion: Fritjof Capra and Peter Reason held a public discussion on the first day.

Conference 2004

Citizens and Governance in the Knowledge Age - The Contribution of Systems Thinking and Practice

Humberto Maturana and Pille Bunnell were the keynote speakers.